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What is Raybloc Fern?

The primary active ingredient used in Nano Skin is Raybloc Fern®, a unique and standardized extract from Polypodium Leucotomos. Originating from Central America, this tropical fern adapted to terrestrial surroundings from aquatic environments, evolving natural sun protection and repair mechanisms.  Its qualities encompass potent protective, antioxidant, and rejuvenating effects, suitable for both topical and oral applications.


Originating from the Americas, Polypodium leucotomos is a renowned tropical fern. Many believe that supplements and topical creams derived from this plant offer significant benefits in treating inflammatory skin issues and providing protection against harmful sun exposure (1)


Rich in antioxidants and potent compounds, these substances are scientifically proven to shield the skin from damage. This damage often arises due to inflammation and the harmful effects of free radicals (2 , 3)

Extensive research highlights that the antioxidants present in Polypodium leucotomos play a pivotal role. They specifically fortify skin cells against the detrimental effects of UV-induced free radical damage (2 , 3)

A study in mice

It was observed that the intake of Polypodium leucotomos supplements orally, five days prior to and two days post UV ray exposure, led to a remarkable 30% boost in blood antioxidant levels

From the same research was the discovery that skin cells enriched with p53, a protein instrumental in cancer prevention, saw a significant 63% elevation (4)


A study on
human skin cells

found when the extract acts as a shield, mitigating cellular damage linked to UV radiation, the aging process, and even cancerous changes. Moreover, this extract doesn't just stop at protection; it actively promotes the generation of new skin proteins, a benefit attributed to its robust antioxidant capabilities. (5)

A 6-month study

in 105 young individuals with eczema, it was discerned that participants who consumed 240–480 mg of Polypodium leucotomos daily exhibited a notable reduction in their reliance on oral antihistamines. This compelling finding underscores the potential benefits of the supplement in managing eczema symptoms (6)


Other studies suggest that the fern may protect against skin damage caused by the sun and prevent inflammatory reactions to sun exposure (7 , 8 , 9 , 10)

In a separate investigation involving 57 adults prone to sun-induced skin rashes, a staggering 73% reported a marked reduction in inflammatory sun reactions after consistently consuming 480 mg of Polypodium leucotomos for a span of 15 days. (11)

According to current research, Polypodium leucotomos is considered safe with minimal to no side effects.

In a study involving 40 healthy adults, participants were either administered a placebo or given a dose of 240 mg of Polypodium leucotomos orally, twice daily, over a span of 60 days. Of those who received the Polypodium leucotomos treatment, a mere 4 individuals reported sporadic symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, and bloating (12)

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